There is a pricing formula applied to calculate water and sewer rates in the area operated by Vodakva and it has been used since 2011.

This pricing formula is defined in the operating lease signed by Vodakva and The Water Management Association of the West Bohemia Region (the owner of water infrastructure) and approved by the European Commission. The prices are the same for all Association´s members.

In addition to that, water and sewer rates are regulated by rules defined in the price journal published by the Czech Ministry of Finance.  The rates are approved at the General Assembly of the Association every year.
Since 2002, the water and sewer rates have been charged in two parts – a variable and fixed cost. The variable cost is calculated by the real consumption, the fixed cost is the annual payment related to the size of a billing water meter. Therefore, the final price per cubic meter (m3) of water varies from client to client and that is why an average price is indicated in the price list.

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