Vodakva has introduced a unique system of water supply and sewerage systems management in its operating area. This system is based on a close cooperation between the supplier (Vodakva) and the owner of water assets and the main shareholder of the operating company (The Water Management Association of the West Bohemia Region).

This system of “public service under public control“ enables not only to control and operate municipal water infrastructure, but also allows to implement such development  projects that cannot be covered by municipalities' budget. Thanks to municipalities' investment solidarity, sufficient financial resources are generated for large improvement programs that enable to extend and build regional water supply systems and to build new sewer systems with a sewage treatment plant, treating wastewater from a number of municipalities. Since the system was implemented 30 years ago, the total property of The Water Management Association of West Bohemia Region has grown from CZK 1.2 billion to CZK 7 billion.

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