Policy and ethics

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  • We are responsible for delivering sufficient drinking water to 30,000 consumption points.
  • We collect and treat wastewater from more than 20,000 buildings.
  • We care for water supply and sewerage systems worth of CZK 7 billion which we continuously improve.
  • Our employees have personal responsibility for ensuring professional level of all provided services and for their permanent improvement.


  • We employ qualified specialists and we train them to develop their skills.
  • We are sufficiently equipped with up-to-date machines, vehicles and communication techniques.
  • Apart from operation we also carry out the development of water supply and sewerage systems in our area of operation.
  • We provide construction and assembly works and services in electro technology and machinery.
  • We benefit from the knowledge of SUEZ, the world leader in energy and environment protection.


  • We work under the control of municipalities, members of the Water Management Association of the West Bohemia Region.
  • We decrease operation expenses by: automation of water works, optimization of technological processes and optimal use of the capacity of water supply and sewerage systems.
  • We maintain water and sewerage rates below the average of the Czech Republic.


  • We supply drinking water which meets all quality standards set by the law.
  • We respect all official limits of outlet water pollution.
  • We regularly control the environmental impact of all our activities and we ensure the pollution prevention.
  • All our employees aim to limit the influence of the company´s activities for the environment.
  • We are saving energy and irreplaceable natural resources.


  • We meet all health and safety requirements set by the law or by other public authorities.
  • We protect health and life of our employees, cooperators and other people present in the workplace and also the surrounding population during the implementation of our activities in the buildings and construction sites.
  • We define potential health and safety risks and we constantly try to reduce them.
  • We ensure permanent emergency preparedness and emergencies responses.
  • The employees participate trough their representatives in the health and safety issues.

Vodakva respects the ethical principles of SUEZ