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Vodakva has concluded a long term operating lease with the owner of the water infrastructure, The Water Management Association of the West Bohemia Region. On the basis of this contract, Vodakva carries out the operation, maintenance, renewal and also development of water distribution and sewerage systems facilities for more then a hundred municipalities in the West Bohemia Region.

As opposed to most water operators who focus on maintaining the standard operation of water infrastructure, Vodakva aims to provide municipalities and customers with complete services. Besides the standard operation and management, it also includes permanent infrastructure upgrading in order to meet stricter demands on the quality of drinking water and outlet wastewater. This approach, based on the company’s qualified staff members and their potential to optimize the relationship between operating and investing expenses, permitted an important improvement of the water infrastructure in the operated area. Along with it came the growth of the quality of provided services and the capability to keep water prices under the average of the Czech Republic on a long term basis.