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7 Water Supply Centers (Karlovy Vary 1, Karlovy Vary 2, Ostrov, Toužim, Chodov, Tachov, Stříbro)

The Water Supply Centers provide water systems operation services in seven areas of comparable sizes. They are responsible for a trouble-free delivery of safe drinking water to customers. Therefore they are fully equipped with all necessary machinery and tools. The water supply centers also serve as a direct point of contact for customers. Beside this main activity, the centers provide services to individual investors such as operation, construction or reconstruction of water connections or other water distribution facilities.

2 Wastewater Treatment Centers (North and South)

The wastewater treatment centers provide complete sewer services, i.e. operation, cleaning, construction and reconstruction of sewers. They are responsible for a trouble-free collection and disposal of domestic sewage and industrial wastewater.  Their above standard equipment and machinery guarantee the highest quality of provided sewer services in conformity with all technical regulations and with respect of the environment. Beside this main activity they provide services to individual customers such as sewer cleaning, construction or reconstruction of sewer connections and other sewer facilities and also revisions and tests of these facilities, including camera monitoring.

2 Water Treatment Plants centers (North and South)

Water Treatment Plants Centers manage the operation of Vodakva´s 26 Water Treatment Plants. The biggest plants are with permanent service.

2 Sewage Treatment Plants Centers (North and South)

These Plants Centers operate eighty sewage treatment plants of Vodakva, five of them are mechanical, while the others are mechanical-biological.

Technical Division

The Technical Division is responsible for the development of water infrastructure, engineering works and investments. It also provides the control and optimization of drinking water treatment or sewage treatment processes

Center of Pumping Stations

This specialized center manages the operation of 139 drinking water pumping stations and 155 wastewater pumping stations across the whole area of operation.

2 Transport and Mechanization Centers

These specialized centers are responsible for fleet management, i.e. the central inventory of all company´s vehicles, their maintenance and Telematics.

IT and Automation Center

The center is responsible for central control system and automation of technological processes. It also manages technology resources of the company - hardware, software, data, networks, etc. The center also includes the commercial department, which is responsible for central evidence of customer data.


The certified Březová Laboratory performs physicochemical and bacteriological analyses of drinking, surface, ground water and wastewater. The laboratory checks the quality of drinking water during its production and distribution and controls the cleaning processes of wastewater and their quality at the moment of discharge across the whole area of operation. It also offers laboratory analyses to individual customers.

Finance Division

The finance division is responsible for accounting, budget preparation, economic results analyses, water tariffs calculation, control, methodology and inventory activities.

Operational Services Division

This center is responsible for purchasing management.

Organizational Development Division

The division is responsible for HR and organization management, receivables management and the management of legal and ethical issues, health and safety, communication and ISO certification.

Division of General Director