The owner of the water infrastructure, The Water Management Association of the West Bohemia Region, closely cooperates with Vodakva in the field of the infrastructure development. Annual investment plans are prepared by investment committees which consist of representatives of the municipalities and Vodakva´s specialists. These plans are submitted for approval to the Association´s General Assembly.  When creating plans, the committees base their proposals on the municipalities´ needs and requirements. But they also take into account advices of the company´s specialized centers, which correspond to legislation development, operation optimization or operational costs reduction.  Municipalities supervise the investment realization. All purchases of material or machinery have been put out to tenders ever since the beginning of the Association. The evaluation criteria were set stricter than the criteria defined by the procurement law in force at that time, i.e. for significantly lower amounts. When selecting suppliers, the municipalities´ representatives have the final say. If all conditions are fulfilled, then the lowest price is always the decisive factor.

Sources for infrastructural investment financing come from the Association´s revenue. It is composed of the rent paid by Vodakva, income from Vodakva´s shares and subventions, all without straining the municipalities´ budget. Since the establishment, the Association in cooperation with Vodakva tries to find supplement resources from regional, national or European subsidy programs so that the high investment costs don´t have an important impact on the water and sewer rates.

In twenty five years, the association has invested almost CZK 3 billion in the water infrastructure belonging to member municipalities. More than a half of it was paid from subsidies, contributions or loans, the rest derived from the rent paid by Vodakva and the income from Vodakva´s shares. During this period, the Association´s assets have risen more than five times from the original CZK 1.2 billion to 6.8 billion.

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