Nowadays, the sanitary sewer and industrial wastewater is mostly collected and transported to a sewage treatment plant where contaminants are removed from water using mechanical, biological or chemical processes. Sewerage systems and sewage treatment plants play an important role in the watercourses protection in the region and the final quality of treated water is carefully monitored. The requirements for the outlet water quality are defined in government regulations that set up the maximum permissible values of the outlet water pollution, the minimum sampling frequency and the scope of controls to be performed. The Vodakva´s staff members take samples of wastewater on a regular basis at various spots; at the point where the wastewater flows into the sewage treatment plant, at the outlet and also during the whole treatment process. Following tests results, treatment processes are being optimized in order to meet all quality standards. The monitoring of wastewater treatment quality is carried out not only by Vodakva, but also by the Czech Environmental Inspectorate and by other authorized river-basin administrations.

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